The world without a smile

A personal message from our founder.

These are strange times, due to Covid-19 people are wearing masks all the time. These face-masks are preventing others from seeing our emotions, seeing our smiles. To be clear, I am not against the wearing of facemasks. I follow the advice from the experts.
What I miss most in this period of COVID-19 is seeing people's smiles. The smile of pleasure, the smile of approval, the smile that people get when serviced well.

At Husense, we make technology to improve the daily life of its users. When using our Smart Building and Smart Retail solutions, the smile of your clients, colleagues and management team is our sign of a well-engineered solution. I miss the ability to see these affirmative smiles.

Although we can't see the smiles, it is more important than ever before to ensure the smile of your clients and co-workers. At Husense, we believe that our technology helps to increase your service level. Be it in hospitality, retail or the office environment, provide real-time information to your customers, visitors and personnel. We offer an innovative way of receiving a smile, although covered by a mask.

We would love to discuss the possibilities of our solution. We also love to hear from you or discuss other problems you like our technology to solve.
Feel free to reach out to us, and let's start creating "covered up" smiles together.

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