We know where people go

Creating better and more efficient indoor and outdoor spaces by monitoring human density and activity or privacy guaranteed surveillance.

People Monitoring for indoor and outdoor Spaces

At Husense, we give you the unique ability to monitor and count human activity and protect your assets and streets.

Our sensors ensure complete privacy at the source. The people counting function enables improving indoor and outdoor spaces based on data or scaling your building according to the actual and predicted occupancy levels. Activities such as sports enrich the people counting data.

At the same time, the surveillance functionality can see where cameras are blind. In low visibility or behind bushes, we detect anomalies in human behaviour and provide alerts through our real-time cloud platform.

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People Counting Cloud Platform

Real-time analytics and predictions of space usage


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Measure actual human use of indoor and outdoor spaces. See activities and abnormal behaviour in real-time without compromising the privacy of space users.
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Analyze and communicate actual real-time space usage, give insight into finding available space, detect anomalies and protect your assets while guaranteeing privacy.
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Identify how people use spaces, locate lesser performing spaces or broken assets, identify optimization opportunities based on data.
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Predict space usage, control your building or other assets according to actual and predicted occupation levels, and save energy and lower carbon emissions.  
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Privacy by design

The Husense sensors physically cannot collect personally identifiable information and automatically comply with the strictest GDPR rules. Even the raw data from the Husense sensors is privacy safe, and we do not need to anonymise data.

Artificial Intelligence embedded in the sensor can identify humans, bikes and cars. When the sensor detects a person, Artificial Intelligence also recognises activities, such as sports and walking patterns, which allows us to do real-time data analyses and surveillance.

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Latest News

Blue tulip awards top 20!

Blue tulip awards top 20!

We at Husense are proud that our innovation for privacy-friendly people monitoring landed in the Top 20 of the Blue Tulip Awards Cities & Communities!

November 16, 2021
The world without a smile

The world without a smile

Een persoonlijke boodschap van onze directie.

March 12, 2021
De Technologie en Privacy van Bezoekerstellers

De Technologie en Privacy van Bezoekerstellers

Zowel zakelijke, commerciële als industriële bedrijven richten zich steeds meer op bezoekerstellers en zetten deze in als een kosteneffectieve oplossing om aan veranderende bedrijfsdoelstellingen te voldoen.

March 12, 2021

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